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Alexa Rodriguez is a Horse Behaviorist and F.E.I Dressage trainer. Originally from Orange County CA. Alexa is a Specialist in equine herd dynamics and horse behavior, and has experience training and gentling wild mustangs.

 In addition she is also a USDF Silver Medalist and Silver Freestyle Bar of Dressage. Alexa also is an Equine specialist certified for the EAGALA Program for equine therapy, 

Her programs have helped owners develop an indestructible partnership with their horses. Alexa works with riders on building confidence and trust within themselves and their horses to then be able to perform the required movements of dressage. The Natural Horsemanship training is also great knowledge to better gain the understanding of the horse’s natural behavior and be able to develop a better relationship from the ground to the saddle. This enhances ground manners and sets a solid foundation for riding.

Alexa also offers Western Dressage, which is a fairly new discipline that develops the horse and rider using Western Horsemanship combined with classical dressage. It is a discipline that puts the horse’s mental state and training ability first in order to develop a strong partnership and perform the required movements of dressage. The variety of her training background makes her a very well rounded instructor with the knowledge to provide the very best  instruction for students. Alexa offers training, lesson programs, sales and custom programs to accommodate each horse and riders specific goals! 

Alexa Rodriguez

Horse retirement:
Fortunate horses, rather than being destroyed at the end of loyal service, live out the rest of their lives in comfortable retirement through the generosity of their owners.

Lay up:
Active horses recovering from injury or for a host of other reasons, may simply need to be turned out, perhaps for a month or so, and sometimes much longer. These horses require more attention than simple retirees.

Light care:
 Acting only as horse behaviotist, we tend horses requiring daily medication and daily hands-on attention.

Show horses are cared for in the off season.
For any number of reasons an owner might wish to have
their horses stabled.



All Boarding Includes

Board includes:
* 2 flakes of grass/alfalfa hay
(Additional flakes or types of hay available at additional cost)

* feeding twice a day
(Can feed more often at additional cost)

* supplement feed (owner pays for supplements or extra feed)

* monthly bath

* daily grooming

* daily overall health body check

* assisting vet/farrier care needed

Horse sales, Lay ups, Lameness & Rehabilitation


$1025/monthly Sale horses, young horses, behavioral and lameness rehabilitation includes everything in standard boarding and 5-6 training rides per week.

Custom prices available to fit your specific needs.

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Retired Vacation Horses


$565/monthly retired, vacationed horses includes everything above and 2 days a week light riding/exercise if needed.
Custom prices available to fit your specific needs.

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Let's talk about your horse and make them even better.