So... You want to be a Horse Behaviorist?

Our shadowing program gives you one on one attention with Alexa Rodriguez.This mentorship program has some reading involved, in regards to  Equine Ethology, Basic learning theory, and interpreting horse body postures, there are no exams or tests. Instead, Alexa will measure your progress on your performance and the ability to relay the information. Alexa will have interactive discussions with you on Horse behavior as you shadow her during consultations and training sessions. This hands on approach will allow you the knowledge needed to get hired in the horse community (ie riding instructor, assistant, professional groom, etc.), to own your own horse, and learn stable management. When shadowing Alexa you will actually be able to think like a behaviorist and in order to do so she wants to be sure that you’re understanding the concepts and how to apply them.

As you are working with Horses together on behavioral cases you will see everything (from handling the individual horse's to effectively communicating with clients). Most programs, require an all at once giant sum of money costing about the same price of a car! With our program we offer a non-contract pay as you go monthly plan. That way you can take a break whenever you like or need to. This is an ongoing shadowing program as it is impossible to learn everything in just a matter of a few weeks weeks. You will find experience is the best teacher. As long as you still want to learn more, you can continue for as long as you like on a month by month basis.

 Monthly Accelerated Apprenticeship 

1.) Mentorship Length: Most students are giving basic lessons to clients in about 3-4 Months

2.) Cost: $600 per month. Cancel anytime.

3.) Program Includes:
  Assisting Alexa twice a week on her behavior cases for an 8 hour day. As well as discussions on horse behavior and client interactions.

4.) There will be some work involved, saddling, bridling and excising horses etc.